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    Opportunity Culture

    Are you a teacher who . . .

    Believes that every student has the potential to make large learning leaps?

     Imagines schools where you can improve your teaching, year after year?

    Wishes for schools where teachers have time to plan and collaborate in teams?

    Dreams of salaries competitive with other professions?

    Hopes to achieve excellence, help more students, and develop peers while teaching?

     Aspires to be an empowered, approachable teacher-leader who is a force for positive change?

    Then an "OPPORTUNITY CULTURE" position may be just the opportunity for you!!


    Opportunity Culture (OC) is a teacher leadership initiative.  It uses school redesign to extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students and teachers.  Schools create new teacher leader roles that provide substantially higher pay to teachers who take on greater responsibility.  Too often we see our best teachers leave the classroom for administration or other opportunities.  Opportunity Culture allows teachers to move up in the profession without moving out.  


    Are you a highly effective teacher who wants to reach more students and advance in your career without having to leave the classroom?”  Apply now to be considered for a position as a Opportunity Culture teacher in Vance County Schools!  


    Vance County Schools Opportunity Culture is currently recruiting for the following positions.  To more learn more about the position and how to apply click on the position:

    Multi-Classroom Leader

    Expanded Impact Teacher 

    Reach Associate



    Have questions? Click here for Opportunity Culture FAQs

    For more information on Opportunity Culture, please visit www.opportunityculture.org