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    May 16, 2017


    Bus Drivers and Bus Monitors:

    All bus drivers/bus monitors or substitute drivers/monitors shall not scan in no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the depart time of your route or scan out no later than 10 minutes after returning to the site in which your bus is parked. This additional 20 minutes to your route is to be used to complete the pre-trip / post-trip inspections and clean your bus. Also, all are expected to follow the Payroll scanning procedures below. These procedures were clearly listed in your driver manual provided you at the beginning of the year.

    Payroll scanning procedures:

    • The bus driver and/or substitute must scan in at the time clock immediately before you start your bus and do your pre-trip inspection in the morning or before any trip you make.
    • The bus driver/bus monitor or substitute bus driver/bus monitor must scan out at the time clock immediately after you finish your route, do a post-trip inspection, and clean your bus at the end of each trip.
    • The bus driver/monitor or substitute bus driver/monitor shall never allow anyone to scan in or scan out for them. They are required to personally do their scanning. In the event a driver/monitor or substitute driver/monitor is caught scanning for another person, it can result in recommendation of suspension or termination.  
    • I _____________________________________________ have read and understand the Scanning procedures. I was also provided a copy of the scanning procedures.
    • My signature on this page verifies that the bus driver/monitor or substitute bus driver/monitor has read and understands the policy and procedures listed.


    Dean Thomas, Supervisor of Pupil Transportation for VCS

    CC: Kevin Perdue, Operations Manager