• Vance County Schools
    Subsitute Teacher Application Process and Training
    (Effective July 1, 2018 - all substitute teachers must complete the online Substitute Teacher Orientation and/or Effective Teacher Training)

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    Vance County Schools would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher with our school system.  If you are a former employee and have been seperated from employment for less than one (1) year, please contact Human Resources for information on how to become a substitute teacher.  


    New Substitute Teacher Applicatiom Process:

    Minimum requirements to apply: High School Diploma

    • Complete the online employment application for subsitute teachers in its entirety and at least three (3) references must be received.  
    • Completed applications will be pre-screened. 
    • The applicant may be selected for an interview on a case by case basis.
    • Once selected as a candidate to become a subsitute teacher, the candidate will be notified by email to attend an online course for New Substitute Teacher Orientation and/or Effective Teacher Training.  
      • First Time Substitutes to VCS - Vance County Schools Orientation with Effective Substitute Teacher Training v.19 (Course Cost - $39.00) - Not required for those holding a valid teacher license. 
      • Please click link to begin training: App-Garden Substitute Teacher Orientation Training
    • Upon completion of the required New Substitute Orientation, print your certificate and submit all required forms to VCS, Human Resource Department (1724 Graham Avenue, Henderson, NC 27536).  
    • Human Resources will contact you to finalized your employment process upon receipt of all required forms.


    Current/Returning Substitutes Teachers:

    All current substitute teachers must recertify every two (2) years to remain as a substitute teacher.  The initial recertification must be completed by June 30, 2019 and every two years thereafter.   If you do not recertify, you may be removed from the list until your certification is completed.  Please click the link below for recertification:

    Returning Substitute Teachers - Vance County Schools Substitute Teacher Orientation v.19 
    (Course Cost - $19.00) - Substitutes must recertify once every two (2) years.


    Salary Rates:

    $103 - The daily rate for a substitute who holds a teaching certificate

    $80   - The daily rate for a substitue who has completed the Effective Teacher Training.

    (Rates are paid in whole or half day increments)

    (Substitute hours are capped at 29 hours per week.  You are not allowed to sub for more than the maximum hours in a week)


    Long Term Substitutes:

    • Must be an approved substitute with at least 1 year of substitute teacher experience in Vance County
    • Must be recommended by the Principal
    • Long term assignments are for 6 weeks or more
    • The long term assignment must be approved by Human Resources
    • Substitutes holding a long term assignment for more than 6 months with at least 30 hours per week are eligible for benefits