• Vance County Public Schools makes every effort to comply with the federal and state mandates as they apply to homeless children and unaccompanied youth.


    Vance County School’s Homeless Flow Chart


    Vance County Schools’ Program for Students identified as Homeless 


    • Equal access to educational and other services enabling them to meet the state student academic achievement standards to which all students are held;
    • Collaborative services for instructional support within the district, community agencies and providers;
    • Inform parents/legal guardian and unaccompanied youth of educational rights
    • Immediate enrollment, provision of transportation to school of origin, child nutrition services;
    • Parental involvement opportunities;
    • Title I support;
    • Educational assessment; and
    • School social work, counseling, and nursing services.


    Facts about Homeless Education
    Source: National Association for the Homeless Education and Youth


    Homeless Children and Youth- Causes and Consequences
    Source: National Center for Children in Poverty