Board Meeting Agenda

  • Vance County Board of Education
    Henderson, N.C. 27536
    June 10, 2019   6:00 p.m.

    Administrative Services Center



    I. Call to Order

    Moment of Silence
    Approval of Minutes (Attachment)
    Approval of Meeting Agenda
        A. Addendum

    V. Recognitions/Announcements
        A. Student Spotlight Recipients
        B. Custodial Staff
        C. Assistant Principals


    Comments from the Public 

    (Citizens who would like to address the Board may do so by completing Form BDDH-E, Public Participation at Board Meetings.  This request must be made by noon one working day preceding the regular Board Meeting.  The form may be obtained by calling the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent at 492-2127, ext. 2202.)

    VII. Superintendent's Report
           A. Monthly Fiscal Oversight Report (Attachment)
      B. Modern Teacher Update (Attachment)
      C. Driver Education Services

    Board of Education Standing Committees
    A.  Personnel:  Margaret A. Ellis, Chair (Attachment)
    B.  Finance:  Gloria J. White, Chair (Attachment)
    C.  Building & Grounds: Ruth M. Hartness, Chair (Attachment)
    D.  Policy:  Darlynn P. Oxendine, Chair (Attachment)
    E.  Curriculum: Edward B. Wilson, Chair (Attachment)
    F.  Community Relations:  Dorothy W. Gooche, Chair 

    New Business

    Recurring Items
        A. Overnight Field Trip Requests 
      B. Out-of-County Transfer Requests (Attachment)
    * XI.
    Executive Session
    Approval of Minutes, Property, Legal, Personnel Matters
    * XII. Adjournment
        * Requires Board Action