ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS/Exit Criteria/Monitored Former LEP

  • ACCESS for ELs 2.0 is the annual English Language Proficiency test given to all English Learners during the testing window of February 1 to March 15.

    Alternate ACCESS is a large-print, paper-based test individually administered to students in Grades 1-12 who are identified as English language learners (ELs) with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Alternate ACCESS is intended for ELs who participate, or who would be likely to participate, in the state's alternate content assessment(s).


    Exit Criteria

     Students exit out of LEP status if their composite score on the ACCESS for ELs 2.0 is 4.8 or higher.


    Monitored Former Limited English Proficient

    Students who exit out of LEP status are monitored for 4 years. ESL teachers will monitor students to assure they are making progress in all academic areas.