• SAVE THE DATE!!!   Arts Alive 2023 will be at McGregor Hall Performing Arts Center on April 22, 2023.  Master Classes, a live Art Gallery, and our evening Performance Showcase - all live and waiting for you.  

    The Arts Alive website can be found right here!!!  Return to it regularly for updates. 

    Twitter: @vcsartsalive 

           Our Master Class sessions are being assembled and should be ready to push out in February.  All VCS students are welcome to attend and participate and all are FREE of charge.  As a matter of fact, all of our Arts Alive events have no charge for students, parents, family, and friends, including the showcase performance. 


    ARTS ALIVE VIDEO SERIES                                                              

    Installment 1 - Overview of Arts Alive - https://youtu.be/WcWf1NJ8AOo.

    Installment 2  - Navigating the Website -   https://youtu.be/tAMPnNZVW8U

    Installment 3 - T-shirts/buttons/badge designs - https://youtu.be/U6MPSMa7vwo

    Installment 4 - How to use a microphone - https://youtu.be/pLhSv2EfYsI

     THE Arts Alive Podcast          

    Episode 1  Dates and what you need to know

    Episode 2 - Early preparation for potential performers

    Episode 3 - Times for Arts Alive showcase events