The CLIMB Center
  • What is The CLIMB Center? 

    The CLIMB Center is a program that serves as an alternative to suspension for 4th & 5th grade students. 

    Where is The CLIMB Center located?

    The CLIMB Center is housed in one of our existing elementary schools; E. M. Rollins Elementary at 1600 S. Garnett Street. 

    How many days must my student attend The CLIMB Center?

    Students will serve up to (5) days in The CLIMB Center with grade-level academics and social emotional coaching by a VCS Behavioral Specialist. 

    Is transportation provided for my student to get to The CLIMB Center?

    No. Vance County Schools will not allow a suspended student to ride a school bus. No exceptions!  We ask parents/guardians to escort their child inside the building, by 8:30am, for safety and security purposes.We ask parents/guardians to pick-up or arrange for your child to be picked up at 2:00pm. 

    Does my student receive breakfast and lunch at The CLIMB Center?

    Yes. We supply breakfast and lunch each day. In addition, behavior rewards, such as snacks, will be awarded to promote positive behavior.