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Vance County Public School Foundation

About UsĀ 

"Promoting Quality in Our Public Schools"

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Foundation History

Roots of the Foundation go back to 1986 when an 18 million dollar school bond referendum was held. The bond issue passed resulting in new schools being built to replace Zeb Vance, Aycock, and Dabney schools. Southern Vance High School was also built with this money.

This did not happen automatically; a massive campaign was needed to sell the idea of a bond referendum to the public. The campaign required money in order to operate. A group of citizens got together, raised money, and conducted a successful campaign.

Efforts to raise money and run a successful bond referendum campaign led the involved citizens to realize the need for an organization that businesses and individuals could donate money to in order to assist our public schools. Thus, the Vance County Public School Foundation was born. It was incorporated on May 27, 1988, and the by-laws were adopted on June 30, 1989.

Foundation Programs

The Vance County Public School Foundation has given support to Vance County Schools through financial help with school system projects, funding of teacher workshops, and school grants for special activities. In addition, annual support is given by the funding of mini-grants for teachers and by co-sponsorship of the Teacher Executive Institute with the Henderson Vance County Chamber of Commerce; the foundation also gives monetary awards to the local teacher of the year, principal of the year, and teachers who obtain National Board Certification. The Foundation's In Memory Of/In Honor Of program will allow you to have a permanent online memorial to a loved one. Click on the In Memory Of or In Honor Of sections of the previous page for more information.

A central focus of the Foundation is on the recruitment and retention of teachers for Vance County Schools. Annual programs are carried out with this in mind, and we are now in the process of developing a new program to forgive portions of student loans that beginning teachers incurred while in college.

Foundation Make-Up

The Vance County Public School Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization; contributions are tax deductible. A twenty member board of directors, including a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, sets the policies and direction of the Foundation and a part-time executive director carries out day-to-day operations.

Foundation Income

Over the years, most Foundation income has come from contributions from individuals and the business community. Fundraising events and mail campaigns have also been a source of income. In addition to cash, the Foundation seeks and will gladly accept gifts of stock, gifts of real estate, gifts of life insurance, life income gifts, and bequests. These gifts will afford you tax benefits at the local, state, or federal level.

Foundation Purposes

The purposes of the Vance County Public School Foundation are to:

  • Coordinate, encourage, and help Vance County Schools with its functions and activities;
  • Promote scholarship in the public school system;
  • Provide financial support to supplement the available resources of Vance County Schools;
  • Help recruit and retain high quality teachers for Vance County Schools.

"Promoting Quality in Our Public Schools"

 Aarika Sandlin
Chief Communication Officer, Vance County Schools
Support Staff, Vance County Public School Foundation