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Curriculum And Instruction



While every department within Vance County Schools serves a vital function to the system’s overall operation, the Curriculum & Instruction (also referred to as the "Instruction & Innovation") Department is the nucleus of teaching and learning. Under its large umbrella are PreK-13 curriculum (content, pacing, and resources), Academically or Intellectually Gifted (enrichment for advanced learners), Career and Technical Education (career pathways), Digital Learning and Media (digital/blended learning), Exceptional Children’s Program (support for students with identified disabilities), English as a Second Language (English language learners and migrant students), Federal Programs and The Center for Innovation (dynamic STEAM learning experiences).

A photo of Dr. Destiney Ross-Putney

The Instruction & Innovation Department is filled with knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and passionate professionals that stay abreast of current educational research and practices under the leadership of Dr. Destiney Ross-Putney, Chief Officer of Instruction and Innovation.