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K-5 Mathematics Instructional Support Overview


K-5 Mathematics is part of the Elementary Department of Curriculum Instruction and Innovation at the Administrative Services Center of Vance County Schools.  The work of this department centers on helping students develop number sense and fluency with operations, understanding the properties of operations, applying the properties to problem-solving, and developing an understanding of shapes and their properties.  The mathematics department oversees and supports the development and implementation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for mathematics in the 11 public elementary schools of Vance County.


The K-5 Mathematics Instructional Coordinator is responsible for the following to support our community, parents, administrators, teachers, and students in Vance County Schools:

  • Provide direction and leadership in developing a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for all K-5 schools, including pacing guides, scope and sequence, and assessments.
  • Ensures the K-5 mathematics program aligns with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCoS).
  • Assists with the development of district assessments for K-5 mathematics.
  • Plans and facilitates monthly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for all elementary math teachers.  
  • Analyzes and evaluates the results of state and district assessments and recommends appropriate modifications for corrective instruction.

Contact Information

Willonda D. Gillespie-Cates
K-5 Math & Science Instructional Coordinator
Vance County Schools  l  (252) 492-2127 Ext 2405
1724 Graham Avenue Henderson, NC 27536