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Secondary Education

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Welcome to the Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Department!

2024-25 High school planning guide

The Secondary Instructional Team is delighted to present this comprehensive online resource for educators, parents, and community members. These resources provide curriculum insights, teaching strategies, and innovative practices that serve as the heart of our commitment to academic excellence. You will find a rich repository of resources for all subject areas that goes beyond textbooks, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and a desire for exploration. We're dedicated to fostering a love for learning and providing an exciting educational journey for every middle and high school student. Explore the content that supports teachers in the classroom, empowers parents in their child's education, and engages the community in the exciting world of secondary curriculum and instruction. 

The secondary support team consists of subject area experts who coordinate academic support for educators, provide instructional resources, and conducts professional development that strengthens teaching and learning throughout the district.