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Exceptional Children



 The mission of the Exceptional Children’s Department is to embrace and support the diverse needs and abilities of all learners to foster successful, productive members of society.

ECubed Podcast

Regional Services Model

Vance County Schools (VCS) provides the continuum of support and services at its schools based on student needs and residents within Vance County.  Currently, VCS provides services at Carver Elementary, EO Young Elementary, and New Hope Elementary in the following areas Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy.  Students enrolled in these schools who may need additional service will transfer to the closest school to their residents.  Transportation to the reassigned school is provided.

Have a concern or Issue

  • Start at a child's school to see if your issue or concern can be resolved.
    • First, check with your child's teacher or case manager
    • If necessary, speak with your child's principal
  • If there is no resolution at the school level, contact the district special education office.
    • First, EC Program Specialist
    • Second, EC Director
    • If necessary, Superintendent's Office

Have a question about the EC services and programs offered in Vance County Schools?  Do you have suggestions for improvement?  Let us help. Submit your questions by clicking HERE.