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Canvas Support

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS). An LMS allows teachers to deliver content in a blended format, or on the computer. Teachers can give assignments, quizzes, post discussion etc. Canvas is particularly useful if a student is out for an extended period of time as it allows them to remain connected to the classroom content.  All secondary students have access to Canvas. There are a variety of resources on this page to help parents and students with Canvas.

Canvas is the Learning Management System for grades 6-12 in Vance County Schools.  Teachers  digitally share resources, exchange work, and offer assignment feedback in Canvas.  

How do I login?

1. Go to NCEdCloud (

2. Type in your username/password

a. Example: Username – PowerSchool Number (0000000) Password:  Specific to each student.

b. Students who experience password issues should email their teacher to reset their password.

3. Once you get in, click the red Canvas icon.


  • What is Canvas? What is the purpose of Canvas?
    Canvas is a Learning Management System. Universal use of Canvas will expand access to learning any time, anywhere through:

    • Enhanced communication between students, families, and teachers
    • Greater efficiency for students and staff
    • Clearly communicated and supported expectations for digital teaching and learning

    How can I learn more about Canvas? 
    You can review the Canvas Instructor Help Guides for more information.

    What features will make Canvas user-friendly for my student?
    Canvas incorporates many accessibility and accommodation features, including Immersive Reader, audio/video responses, annotation, extra time for assessments, and assigning to groups, individuals, or whole groups.

    Immersive Reader provides the following support for students: 

    • Reads text aloud in the Canvas Pages and Assignments. 
    • Allows students to increase and decrease the font size and line spacing as well as alter the background colors for ease of reading. 
    • Provides a picture dictionary to give students a graphic representation of words within the text. 
    • Translates into over 60 languages so students can compare, read or listen to words and sentences.