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         This is an extremely difficult year for all of us.  All students are dealing with laptops and learning the idea of having to do school work online with their teachers.  We have for sure another 9 weeks to experience Virtual Learning and we need all students to be on board with this.  They CAN DO THIS!!!

    Daily attendance is extremely important to your child's educational experience.  We have the expectation that if your child is heathly, he/she will be in attendance.  Please have them logged in every morning at 8:30 am ready to go on Zoom with their teachers.  Afterwards they need to accomplish their Google Classroom work.  If your child does miss a day of school, they need to go back and complete the Google Classroom work and they will get credit for that day that was missed.  If you see that a student is going to miss for a special reason, call the office, contact the teacher through Dojo or email and inform them of the reason the child is out of school.  

    If your child is experiencing problems with their laptops, please contact the school or child's teacher and we will help you get it fixed.  If we can't figure it out there is a Tech number at Central Office that you can call...252-739-7103 and someone will help you from there.  

    Please follow us on the school website: vcs.k12.nc.us or on Twitter at: @eoytigers #eotigerchamps    We have the schedules for you to see and much more information!

    If you need us please call at 252-438-6423, our office hours are from 7:15 am - 4:00 pm, we are here for you.

    We do miss seeing our Tiger Champions walking proudly through the building! Be safe and take care!!