• Vance County Schools
    Henderson, NC

    Our district is comprised of:

    9 traditional elementary schools (serving grades PreK-5)

    1 year-round elementary school (serving grades PreK-5)

    1 traditional middle school (serving grades 6-8)

    1 early high school (serving grades 6-8)

    1 non-traditional school (serving grades 6-12)

    1 traditional high school (serving grades 9-12)

    1 early college high school (serving grades 9-13)

    1 virtual school (serving grades K-12)

    Together, we serve over 5,000 students!


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     Our Innovative School Options:
    EM Rollins STEAM Academy (Year-Round Calendar, K-5)
    STEM Early High School (Traditional Calendar, 6-8)
    Vance County Early College High School (Early Start Calendar, 9-13)
    Advance Academy (Traditional Calendar, 6-12)
    Vance Virtual Village Academy (Traditional, K-12)


Innovative Schools: 5 schools, each different by design.

  • Vance County Schools is home to 5 Innovative Schools, all which require an application to be considered for enrollment. The schools are

    • EM Rollins STEAM Academy (Grades PK-5)
    • STEM Early High School (Grades 6-8)
    • Advance Academy (Grades 6-12)
    • Vance County Early College High School (Grades 9-13)
    • Vance Virtual Village Academy (Grades K-12)

    Applications are available at each Innovative School, on our website and at our district office, located at 1724 Graham Avenue. Completed applications must be turned in to the district office before the close of business on February 28, 2023.