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    Vance County Schools
    Henderson, NC

    Our district is comprised of:

    9 traditional elementary schools (serving grades PreK-5)

    1 year-round elementary school (serving grades PreK-5)

    1 traditional middle school (serving grades 6-8)

    1 early high school (serving grades 6-8)

    1 non-traditional school (serving grades 6-12)

    1 traditional high school (serving grades 9-12)

    1 early college high school (serving grades 9-13)

    1 virtual school (serving grades K-12)

    Together, serving over 5,000 students!



    The Vance County School system is committed to providing a world-class education, focused on preparing all students for success, lifelong learning and living as contributing, productive global citizens. 


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    In Vance County, we believe in 
    Excellence | High Expectations | Respect | Diversity | Integrity | Community 


     Our Innovative School Options:
    EM Rollins STEAM Academy (Year-Round Calendar, K-5)
    STEM Early High School (Traditional Calendar, 6-8)
    Vance County Early College High School (Early Start Calendar, 9-13)
    Advance Academy (Traditional Calendar, 6-12)
    Vance Virtual Village Academy (Traditional, K-12)

     Class of 2020 Data:

    2019-2020 Graduation Rate: 90.3%
    Class of 2020 graduates earned over 10 million in scholarships and grants



    Vance County Schools is a place where students participate in a rigorous and challenging educational environment in which they are engaged and empowered in their learning. Our students will graduate as responsible citizens, prepared to compete in the gloabl economy. Together, educators, students and parents are working to rethink, reform, reimagine and renew our education process for a VanceFormation!