• Vance County Schools

    Student Behavior Health Program

    A Breif Description

    The purpose of the Vance County Schoools (VCS) Student Behavior Health Program is to increase the availability of evidence-based mental health services designed to facilitate students' emotinoal well-being and enhance their ability to access and benefit from institution.

    The Student Behavior Mental Health Program is a collaborative effort between Vance County Schools and private mental health agencies in this region. The services provided are in addition to the work already being done by VCS student services staff. Services may be recommended when a student has already received VCS student services support and/or exhibits social-emotional difficulties that are having or will likely have a substantial impact upon the student's learning and overall development. Parents may also request assistance in securing mental health serveices potentially provided in the school setting by private providers though the student services staff (primarliy the school counselor) at their child's school.