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    This page contains quick facts regarding the Senior Class of 2020 that follows the guidance developed by the State Board of Education (SBE) and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). We will share more information and update this guidance as we receive additional direction from the state. 


    In alignment with guidance from NCDPI/SBE, the Senior Class of 2020 will be eligible to graduate from high school on their originally scheduled graduation date by meeting or exceeding the State Board of Education requirements of 22 credits. A listing of the required coursework can be found here

    **All VCS seniors will be contacted by their guidance counselor for a personal discussion regarding their status towards graduation**


    Fall Courses: Students will receive grades for fall courses as already stored. Fall grades will count toward each senior’s GPA. For semester-long courses, the final course grade will be counted into the GPA.

    Year-long Courses: Seniors enrolled in a year-long course will receive the grade from the first semester, which will be counted into the GPA, and a Pass (PC19) for the second semester. This PC19 assumes the student was passing the course on March 13, 2020 — the final day before schools were closed

    Spring Courses: Students will receive a Pass "PC19" or Withdrawal "WC19" based on their learning as of March 13 for spring courses. 

    • Seniors passing a second-semester course on March 13, 2020, will receive a Pass for the course.  All passing courses will be labeled ‘PC19’ on the transcript.
    • Seniors not passing any course required for graduation on March 13, 2020, are eligible to continue working to improve grades to obtain passing status. Schools will provide remote learning opportunities for the student to improve to a passing grade. Opportunities for students to pass graduation requirements shall include:
      • continue to receive remote instruction, support and feedback from the classroom teacher; 
      • enroll in NC Virtual Public School for all courses applicable; and
    • If grades are not improved to a passing standard by the end of the school year, students may withdraw from the course.  This will be labeled ‘WC19’ on the final transcript and the student would not be eligible for graduation.
    • School administrators or teachers will reach out to students and parents to develop a plan for students to improve their grades, if they were not passing a course needed for graduation as of March 13. 


    Students who are enrolled in an Advanced Placement (AP) class for the spring semester and were passing on March 13, 2020, will receive a Pass (PC19) for the final course grade.   Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the AP exam if they registered with their AP testing coordinator before the November 15/March 13 testing deadlines.  

    • Teachers for these AP courses will continue to provide instruction and test preparation materials until AP testing begins.  Students may also participate in live AP review sessions: Online AP Course Schedule.
    • Seniors that are enrolled in a year-long AP course will receive the grade from the first semester and then a Pass (PC19) for the second semester. This Pass (PC19) assumes the student was passing on March 13, 2020.
    • Students will take their AP Exam online using any device — computer, tablet, or smartphone. They will also have the option to write their responses by hand and submit a photo. In late April, the College Board will provide AP students with information on how to access the testing system on test day and video demonstrations so that students can familiarize themselves with the system.
    • For additional information regarding AP testing, visit: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students


    Students who are  enrolled in VGCC courses for the spring semester should continue engaging in coursework in the online format. Please visit the VGCC Student Resource Guide for more information. 


    If an OCS student completes 157 hours of the 225 hours of the “paid work hours” graduation requirement, the student will receive a Pass “PC19.”