• Vance County Innovative Schools

    Vance County Schools is comprised of 5 Innovative Schools, each different by design: EM Rollins STEAM Academy, STEM Early High School, Vance County Early College High, Advance Academy and Vance Virtual Village Academy. All of these schools require an application to attend. 

    EM Rollins STEAM Academy: a PreK through 5th grade school that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. The schools is on a year-round calendar and offers many unique opportunities for their students.

    STEM Early High School: a 6th through 8th grade school that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. While on a traditional calendar, the school provides opportunities for students to earn high school credit during their time there. Students are able to participate in athletics through Vance County Middle School.

    Vance County Early College High: a 9th through grade 13 school that allows students the opportunity to earn an Associate's degree while attending. The school is on an early start calendar and located on the campus of Vance-Granville Community College. The program is designed to take 5 years; however, many finish in 4. The program has the potential to save families money, as all college credit earned whlie attending Early College is at no cost to the student. VCECHS students have the opportunity to participate in athletics through Vance County High School.

    Advance Academy: a 6th through 12th grade school that runs on a traditional calendar. The school is divided into sessions throughout the day to meet the varying needs of students. Advance Academy allows students to participate in some course offerings and athletics at Vance County High School.

    Vance Virtual Village Academy: serves students in grades K through 12. The school runs on a traditional calendar and is entirely virtual, allowing for anytime, anywhere learning. V3A works to ensure that students have personalized learning plans to meet the students where they are. These students also have athletic opportunities through Vance County Middle and Vance County High.

STEM Early High School

Vance Virtual Village Academy

EM Rollins STEAM Academy

Advance Academy

Vance County Early College High School