• Who are the Vance Virtual Village Academy Huskies?


    Vance Virtual Village Academy is a K-12 online school that provides personalized learning plans, self-paced instruction, and academic flexibility for students in Vance County and the surrounding counties. Our teachers provide an authentic experience while promoting digital literacy, social and emotional wellness, instructional enhancement activities, and extracurricular opportunities. Our V3A Huskies can learn anytime, anyplace, and anywhere!


    Our Mission

    Vance Virtual Village Academy's mission is to provide personalized education in an innovative and creative learning environment that empowers and equips diverse learners to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and powerful collaborators globally.

    Our Vision

    Vance Virtual Village Academy's vision is to provide differentiated, personalized instruction for motivated learners to reach their potential.

    Our Huskies are...

    "...flexible, self-motivated, critical thinkers, and problem solvers!"