• VCS Class of 2022 Scholarship Bulletin

    Couch Oil Company of Durham 

    Students may apply by visiting https://couchoilcares.org/scholarship/.

    The application deadline is May 27, 2022. 

    We're looking forward to hearing from many Vance County seniors this year! 

    If you have any questions about the Couch Oil Cares Scholarship, please reply to this email.  

    Couch Oil Company of Durham, Inc. 

    2907 Hillsborough Road 

    Durham, NC 27705 




    Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Launches 2022 High School Scholarship Program

    Eligibility Criteria

    Triangle North Healthcare Foundation (TNHF) has established a scholarship program to help North Carolina high school students in the TNHF region attend college. The Mission of Triangle North Healthcare Foundation is to encourage, support, and invest in quality efforts that measurably improve health in the Triangle North region (Franklin, Granville, Vance, and Warren counties.)  TNHF is seeking students whose academic plans support the Foundation’s vision:  to live in a healthy community.

    Each high school in the TNHF region (Franklin, Granville, Vance, & Warren counties) will nominate/select one student for the TNHF scholarship.  The TNHF Scholarship Committee will select one individual from each county (from the pool provided by the high schools) to receive a $10,000 scholarship. 

    Preference will be given to students who plan to major in a health-related field, but educational goals must match the mission & vision of TNHF.

    Student Qualifications

    • Applicant must have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.5.
    • Preference will be given to applicants planning to pursue a career in a health-related field, but education goals must match the vison/mission of TNHF.
    • Applicant must be a resident of Franklin, Granville, Vance, or Warren counties.
    • Applicant must be accepted into an accredited two-year or four-year college or university.  Does not have to be a NC school.
    • Applicant must provide a copy of college acceptance letter and two letters of recommendation (one school-based; one community-based).

    Review Process

    • Each high school in the TNHF region will nominate/select one student for the TNHF Scholarship.
    • High School Counselors should submit completed scholarship packets (application, transcript, college acceptance letter, & 2 letters of recommendation) to TNHF by April 8, 2022. Packets can be emailed to info@tnhfoundation.org or mailed to TNHF at PO Box 2377, Henderson, NC 27536 or hand delivered to 208 N. Garnett Street, Suite A, Henderson, NC.
    • TNHF Scholarship Committee will select one applicant from each county (from the pool provided by the schools) to receive the scholarship.
    • Selections will be announced by TNHF in the Spring.

    Payment & Reporting

    • Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college/university business office.
    • Scholarship funds will be administered in 2, $5000 payments in Year 1.
    • Scholarship may be used for tuition, room, board, books.

    To receive the 2nd payment of $5,000, the recipient must provide a transcript at the end of the first semester.
    The recipient must be in good standing, according to college/university guidelines, at the end of their first semester.

    Interested students should contact their school counselor. 

    2022 Scholarship Application for High School Seniors


    2022 Scholarship Application Academic Reference Form


    2022 Scholarship Application Community Reference Form


    2022 High School Scholarship flyer


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