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Meet the Teacher

Ms. Gesina Woelfle

Phone: (252)438-8415


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Gesina Woelfle

Dear boys, girls, and parents of Ms. Woelfle’s class,

We are so happy to know that you are in our first grade class this year!  It will be a very exciting year for you with lots of fun and interesting things to learn.  Our year will lead to many new opportunities and skills that will change your future.  You will learn to be a great reader this year!

Homework is required in first grade.  It will be sent home in the homework folders each day.  Please make sure that the homework is returned completed the next day.  With our new phonics series, homework may be given for the weekend so please check your child’s folder each night.

Homework folders will be sent home each day.  They should be brought to school each morning and will be sent back home in the afternoon.  It will not only include homework, but also notes, handouts, and a behavior record.  The behavior record should be signed daily.  If you have any notes to send to the school, just include them in the folder, which will be checked daily.

Students should also be bringing home a library book each night.  They are expected to read the book several times and be able to pass a test on it the next morning.  Please make sure your child is reading their book each night and ready to test in the morning.

Another resource for students to have continued success is the computer program iReady.  You can access this system from your home computer, see Classroom Web Resources for more information.

Ms. Woelfle