• Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

    Clarke Elementary




    7:30-8:30 Free Choice Center Time


    8:30-8:50 Clean Up, Morning Time, Prepare for Breakfast


    8:40-9:00 Breakfast


    9:00-10:10 Free Choice Center Time

    10:10-10:15 Clean up/ Prepare for Specials/Water Break


    10:15-10:45 Specials


                                   Lundy                              Yancey

    Monday:                Media                               PE

    Tuesday:                PE                                      Art

    Wednesday:         Art                                      Music

    Thursday:             Music                                  Computer

    Friday:                  Computer                           Media


    10:45-11:00 Story Time/Prepare for Lunch


    11:00-11:35 Lunch


    11:45-12:20   Free Choice Center Time


    12:20-12:30 Clean Up/Prepare for Outside Time


    12:30-1:30 Outside Time


    1:30-1:40 Prepare for Quiet Time

                        Snack Time               


    1:40-2:40 Quiet Time


    2:40-3:00 Fruit or Vegetable snack (if applicable)

        Prepare to Go Home

        Story Time



    *In the event of inclement weather children will be provided alternate indoor activities.*


        ****Schedule may be changed to best meet the needs of the students***