• New Hope Elementary School 2018-2019 Supply Lists




    Book Bag (not rolling)-label 

    Fiskar scissors (age appropriate)-label 

    Crayons (16-32) size-label 

    Washable markers 

    4-large glue sticks-label 

    4- black Expo Chisel-point Dry Erase markers 

    1-pack of white Copy Paper 

    2- family –sized tissues 

    Large waterless soap 

    25-30 small toys for prizes 

    Quart or Gallon plastic bags 

    Extra clothes


    First Grade:


    4- plastic folders-with fasteners

    2- boxes of crayons

    2- large glue sticks

    2- spiral notebooks ( one subject)

    2- composition notebooks

    Pack of pencils

    Pack of Erasers

    Pencil Pouch

    Pack of wide ruled notebook paper

    Variety pack of construction paper

    2-boxes of tissues


    Second Grade:


    Book bag (not rolling)

    Notebook Paper

    2- packs of pencils

    1-pack of erasers

    Soft Pencil Pouch

    Box of tissue

    Pack of hand wipes or baby wipes



    Glue sticks

    One subject notebook


    4-plastic pocket folders with prongs (no designs)

    Pack of stickers (stars, smiley faces, animals etc.)


    Third Grade:


    3 Ring Binder

    Notebook paper

    3- Hard cover composition books (usually black &white)

    Colored Pencils



    5- Composition Notebooks (with wire)

    #2 Pencils (no mechanical pencils)

    Glue sticks


    Box of gallon storage bags

    Box of quart storage bags

    Index Cards

    Zip Pencil Pouch (no boxes)

    2-Boxes of tissue


    Fourth Grade:


    Notebook paper

    2- 3 Ring Binders (1 ½ inch wide)

    6- Pocket folders with prongs (yellow, blue, green, red, orange & purple)

    6- 1 subject 70 sheet tablet (with wire, wide ruled)

    4- Hard cover composition books (usually black &white)



    Markers & colored pencils

    Highlighters (yellow)

    Pencils (no mechanical)

    Index Cards

    Soft pencil pouch (no boxes)

    Glue sticks

    2 -boxes of tissue


    Fifth Grade:


    2-3 Ring Binders (1 ½ inch wide)

    6- Folders with prongs (yellow, green, orange, red, blue &purple)

    4- Composition notebooks (black & white)

    6-Notebooks (with wire)

    Notebook paper



    Colored pencils

    Glue Sticks



    Pencil Pouch (no boxes)

    Highlighters (yellow)

    2-large boxes of tissue