Dr. Trixie Brooks, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
    Dianne Hicks, Administrative Assistant

    Dr. Donna Blakebrough, 6-8 English Language Arts Instructional Specialist

    Bettie Lewis, K-5 Math & Science including Grade 8 Science Instructional Specialist

    Dr. Kerry Morrison, 9-12 English & 6-12 (excluding 8th) Science Instructional Specialist

    Gertrude Lyons-Newkirk, Secondary Math Instructional Specialist

    Dr. Destiney Ross-Putney, Instructional Technology Facilitator

    Amber Hines, Elementary Literacy Instructional Specialist

    The Curriculum & Instruction support team delivers service to all K-12 schools in Vance County to ensure:
    • that the new North Carolina Standard Course of Study - which now includes the Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards - is utilized,
    • that instructional decisions are based on data and identified student needs,
    • that resources and professional development are made available to support the new NCSCOS, and
    • that new and other designated teachers receive ongoing training and support to enhance their development as caring, competent teachers.

    All stakeholders in the educational process benefit from a focused effort to address continuous improvement and high performance.