• Early Dismissal/Student Check Out

    Effective January 5, 2017, authorized adults (as indicated in students PowerSchool contact information) are required to report to Early College High School office (Rm. 2314), to sign students out.  Authorized adults must also provide a valid picture ID.  Students will not be granted dismissal via parent phone call.


    Students who drive to school are required to provide a written note, with parent contact number, date and time of dismissal, and parent signature, for early dismissal request.  Parent contact number(s) must match number(s) provided in PowerSchool.  Parents will be contacted by school staff to verify parents’ knowledge and approval of early dismissal request.  Students will not be granted dismissal if parent verification is not made.



    Student Eligibility of Daily Early Release

    Junior’s, Senior’s and Super Seniors with an overall-weighted- Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 of higher, are eligible to receive the privilege to leave campus once all classes are completed for the day.  Second semester GPA’s will be updated by mid-January, to identify eligible students.  Parents are to complete a VCECHS Off-Campus Eligibility Form in order for their son or daughter to receive the privilege.  (Forms may be obtained from Main Office.)


    Only students with Student Eligibility of Daily Early Release forms on file are authorized to sign themselves out from VCECHS during the school day. 

    Students who leave campus without prior notification to and authorization from VCECHS office are in violation of VCECHS dismissal policy, and will be subject to disciplinary consequences. 


    VCECHS Parking Lot Policy:

    VCECHS students are prohibited from loitering in VGCC parking lot.