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Arts Education

VCS Arts

The arts are vital to the development of all students and are among the courses that are considered well-rounded subjects in the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the NC Basic Education Program, and, as such, are included as subjects every student should learn as part of a balanced curriculum in North Carolina.  While it is clear that not all students enter the arts to become professional in their arts area, the skills that are developed through the arts have a correlation with the learning in other core subject area and can be applied directly to all other academic disciplines.  

The Vance County School District has been a strong advocate for the arts and continues to provide our students with a strong arts based foundation for their education.  Music and/or art are provided at the elementary level, with one of our schools being an A+ School focused on arts integration, along with increased opportunities at the middle and high school levels, including art, band, chorus and theater. For 2023-24, VCS extended our reach into the media arts as our Audio and Video Production Studios, located at our Center for Innovation, became fully operational and we began offering opportunities for music production, podcasting, and more. 

Our Arts Alive Showcase in the spring highlights the visual artwork of students across our district and features performances by some of the most talented students in our district.  Follow our arts Twitter @ArtsVCS and search the hashtag #ArtsinVCS within that site, to get a glimpse of the opportunities that await our students.  For more specific information about Arts Alive, click on the Arts Alive tab on the left to go to that page of the website. 

Please contact me with any questions regarding the arts in the Vance County Schools.








VCS Arts: @ArtsVCS

Arts Alive: @vcsartsalive

VCS is committed to providing our students with a Comprehensive Arts Education

  • Music or art in all elementary schools
  • Music and art at our STEAM elementary
  • Band, chorus, and art at our traditional middle and high schools
  • Theatre Arts at VCHS
  • Opportunities for Early College students to participate in HS Band
  • Field trips to various music and theatre performances at McGregor Hall Performing Arts Center throughout the school year
  • Video and audio studios as part of our Center for Innovation
  • Accessible podcast opportunities for students and staff
  • Music Production Club
  • Arts Alive performance showcase and Heart of the Art gallery 

In the Vance County Schools, we believe students learn best through arts education, arts exposure, and arts integration.