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CPR Graduation Requirement

Students entering ninth grade for the first time in 2021-2022 or afterwards must meet the following requirement in addition to earning one credit of Healthful Living in high school:   (Graduation Requirements)

  1. Students are required to successfully complete CPR instruction to meet Healthful Living Essential Standards as a requirement for high school graduation.
  2. Accommodations/alternative assessments for students identified by ADA or IDEA will be provided.

*CPR instruction needed to complete this standard is hands-only CPR. Students do not need to be fully CPR certified.  Vance County Schools first presents hands-only CPR to students as part of the 8th grade Healthful Living Essential Standards (8.PCH.4.2).   Students that meet the requirement at that time will successfully meet this graduation requirement.  

[NOTE: All students must earn one credit of Healthful Living in high school as a graduation requirement]