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Dabney Students Learn About Firefighting

fire       fire

Dabney Elementary students learn about equipment on a fire truck, above left, and Kimberly Holtzmann

takes photos of her students as they try on firefighter equipment, above right.



Students at Dabney Elementary School had a special treat on April 10, as they took advantage of the extremely nice weather and spent the morning outside rotating through stations set up by local firefighters.


The students learned about all facets of firefighting as they viewed the various fire trucks and other equipment. They even had a chance to put on the protective fire coats and pants, as well as hats and oxygen masks, that firefighters wear.


The morning's acitivites were the result of planning done by second-grade teachers Kimberly Holtzmann and Kerianne Owen. They coordinated the plans with officials with the Vance County Fire Department, City of Henderson Fire Department, Cokesbury Volunteer Fire Department, Watkins Volunteer Fire Department, Drewry Volunteer Fire Department, Epsom Volunteer Fire Department and the Vance County Rescue Squad.


The fire and rescue personnel took their time throughout the morning to explain how all of the equipment on the vehicles works and helps them in battling fires in homes and other buildings. The students even took turns spraying water from one of the fire hoses to pretend that they were putting out a fire on a nearby playhouse.


The different stations they went through taught them about personal protective equipment, physical fitness simulations, teamwork activities, fire truck equipment, water application and fire safety and prevention. 


"The kids are loving this," Holtzmann said during the activities. "I think they especially like meeting the firefighters and doing the activities with them. Our students are really listening and learning a lot about how to prevent fires and how to stay safe."



Dabney Elementary students take turns spraying water from a fire hose 

onto a playhouse as they practice being firefighters.