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VCPSF Awards LEAP Grants

VCPSF Awards $20,000 in LEAP Grants


HENDERSON, NC–  The Vance County Public School Foundation (VCPSF) awarded eleven Vance County School teachers with Learning that Extends Actual Performance (LEAP) Mini-Grants at the 2022-23 Convocation on August 23 at McGregor Hall. A total of $20,000 was awarded, made possible through the VCPSF and a $10,000 donation from MAKO Medical.


Learning that Extends Actual Performance (LEAP) Mini-Grants provide financial resources and support to teachers that can be used to enrich classroom learning experiences. The funded projects reflect the pillars of the Vance County Schools’ strategic plan - equity & inclusion, high performance culture, innovation and experiential learning. This year’s LEAP Grant Award recipients include: 


Communicator Headsets for Public Safety Course:  Communicator headsets will expand the 9-1-1 telecommunicator program at Vance County High to help train students for the workforce. 

Frank Brown, Vance County High 


Amplifying Student Voices: A school-wide project that is intended to promote student participation in classrooms with tossable, ball-shaped microphones called Q-balls. 

Lillian King,  Carver Elementary


Cymatics in Action: Students will build and engage with cymatic experiences using Tesla coils, oscilloscopes, speakers, wiring and cymatic plates, that will encourage class discussion and enhance hands-on classroom experiences.  

Milton Lima, STEM Early High 


Math Reads with Flexibility: Standing desks and flexible seating will be provided to make reading more accessible for all students. Math storybooks and resource books will assist teachers with implementing strategies that cater to the needs of all learners. 

Claudel Richards, Dabney Elementary  


Science Fun for Everyone: Second grade students will participate in In-School Science Field Trips with interactive, educational and fun science activities. 

Debbie McCune, Carver Elementary 


Learning at All Levels: Sensory rugs, ottomans, and counter-height stools will be used to foster comfortable learning at all levels during instructional blocks. 

Loricia Martin, EO Young Elementary  


Dream Believers: Dream Believers are a group of elementary students who create projects that will inspire creativity and imagination. These projects will be donated to various organizations within the Henderson/Vance community. 

Ginger Glover, Vance Virtual Village Academy 


Lab Days with Lab Kits: Sixth to eighth grade students will participate in critical thinking and hands-on experiences that correspond with NC Essential Standards.

Cynthia Nnameka, Vance Virtual Village Academy


LaserSTEAM: LaserSTEAM encourages hands-on experience for students that will engage students in reading, learning and writing.  

Amber Baker, Ebony Watkins & Alexandra White, EM Rollins STEAM Elementary 



Doubling the Difference 

Following the initial $10,000 donation from MAKO Medical (April 2022)  for LEAP Grants, they issued a  challenge to the community to double the difference, making a commitment to match every donation, totaling up to $10,000. VCPSF reached the milestone in July, receiving over $10,000 in community donations since May. MAKO presented the additional $10,000 from the MAKO match at the VCS Convocation, which was attended by all Vance County Schools staff, members of the Vance County School Board of Education, the Vance County Public School Foundation, MAKO representatives Clever Prince and Mikey the Shark, and business community members. 

MAKO Medical has been a strong community partner for Vance County Schools, investing in our students and educators by providing COVID-19 testing for students and staff, as well as supporting the work of the Vance County Public School Foundation through monetary donations for grants and projects. 


The Vance County Public School Foundation 

The VCPSF launched in May 1988, as a community effort to raise money to assist our public schools. This came as a result of citizens realizing the need for an organization that businesses and individuals could donate money to in order to support Vance County Schools through financial help with school system projects, funding of teacher workshops and school grants for special activities. 


You can learn more about the VCPSF at and follow them on Facebook @The Vance County Public School Foundation.


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