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E.O. Young Students Vote on Biscuits

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E.O. Young, Jr. Elementary School students had a unique opportunity on October 30, to sample a new biscuit during their lunch period and vote on whether or not they liked it. Based on the students' feedback, the school system will decide if it wants to provide the new biscuit with school meals at all local schools.


The school worked with School Nutrition staff members from the school system to plan the "taste testing" event.


Teresa Avant, cafeteria manager at E.O. Young, passed out the hot biscuits to each student as they went through the line to receive their lunches. Students were then able to taste the biscuits with their lunches and decide if they liked them. Once they finished lunch, the students were led by their teachers to a voting table set up in the cafeteria. School Nutrition and school staff members planned the student voting process, so that it was similar to what actual voters will do for Election Day on November 6. The voting table was adorned with small, U.S. Flags and included ballot boxes for ballots from students who liked the biscuits (adorned with a smiling face) and from those who didn't like the biscuits (adorned with a frowning face). Each student had a ballot and chose the appropriate box in which to place their ballot. Teachers and other staff members also got to vote on the biscuits after their taste test.


School Nutrition personnel planned to tabulate the results. If the majority of students liked the biscuits, the School Nutrition department would begin the process to get bids for the biscuits to become a part of the school meals. 


Nadine White of the school system's School Nutrition department, helped students with their ballots at the voting table.


Based on the opinions and tastes of students at E.O. Young, Jr. Elementary School, local students and school staff members may have a new biscuit included in their school meals soon.