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Students Attend Summer Reading Camp

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Vance County Schools again this summer is hosting its elementary Summer Reading Camp. This year, the camp is being held at Clarke Elementary School and is serving over 250 students.


The elementary students, most of whom are in the third grade, were identified as needing extra reading instruction to improve their skills during state end-of-grade testing conducted in the spring.


The students began their participation in the Summer Reading Camp on June 18 and will complete the extra instruction on July 13. School bus transportation is provided for all of the students and they eat breakfast and lunch each day during the camp. The camp operates Mondays through Fridays from about 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


The school system's Summer Reading Camp is designed to help students in need of extra reading instruction to improve their skills and prepare them to be more successful in the upcoming school year. The camp focuses on serving third-grade students to assist them in improving their skills, so that they are reading on grade level. However, the school system includes in the camp students in lower grades who are identified as behind their grade level in their reading skills, as well.


E.M. Rollins Elementary School, with its new year-round STEAM Academy, also is hosting a Summer Reading Camp for identified students in grades 1-3. The focus of the camp is to help third graders improve their reading skills, but first and second graders also are benefitting from the additional summer instruction. The camp began on June 25 and ends on July 13. Approximately 50 E.M. Rollins students are participating in the camp.