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District Welcomes New Employees


Superintendent Anthony Jackson speaks to the

approximately 100 new employees for the 

district on August 14.



Approximately 100 new employees with Vance County Schools attended the district's annual "Welcome" breakfast and information session at Clarke Elementary School on August 14.


The educators and support staff members were treated to a nice breakfast in the school's cafeteria and then attended the hour-long information session in the multipurpose room.


Superintendent Anthony Jackson led a group of local education and business officials in welcoming the new staff members to the school system and the community.


Jackson stressed to everyone that we must all work together and be completely committed to meeting the educational needs of all of our students. He urged the new employees to always seek help from others when they need it. A focal point of his remarks was to emphasize the importance of all teachers and support staff working together for the betterment of our students. "I want you to teach your students as if they were your children," he said.


John Barnes, president of the Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce, also welcomed the new employees. He was joined in letting them know how much they are appreciated as part of the Vance County family by Archie Taylor, president of the Vance County Public School Foundation. Dorothy Gooche, vice chairperson of the Vance County Board of Education, also praised the new employees for their talents and their commitment to helping our students receive a quality education.


Principals from each of our 15 schools introduced individually all of their new staff members in attendance. 


The new employees also took advantage of opportunities to speak to local business representatives, who included insurance agents, real estate brokers, educational support personnel and more.


New educators attended training sessions throughout the afternoon on August 14 and were scheduled to attend additional trainings August 15 and 16. They also were scheduled to spend time meeting with their school administrators and preparing their classrooms in their respective schools.