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Local Teachers Earn State Bonus Pay

The Vance County Board of Education at its regular monthly meeting recognized top local teachers whose students recorded outstanding academic results in the 2017-2018 school year.


The board members also recognized several schools’ custodial staffs for earning “A” school status in the most recent state building inspections and all local school cafeteria managers for successfully completing their safety training.


During the recognitions of the teachers, a total of 27 classroom teachers in local schools received state bonus paychecks totaling $97,000. Their bonus pay was based on the outstanding results of their students on the state end-of-grade and end-of-course testing for last school year.


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Jennifer Bennett, assistant superintendent of Finance and Business Operations, presented the checks to the teachers with assistance from Superintendent Anthony Jackson and board Chairperson Dorothy Gooche. Teachers receiving the bonus pay included: for third-grade reading, Iris Lacson of Clarke, Alona Chiong and Analiz Maghanoy, both of L.B. Yancey, Cheryl Jones of Pinkston Street, Jessie Rice of E.M. Rollins, and Vanessa Lalor of Zeb Vance; for fourth-grade reading, Erica Deal of Dabney, Sharita Jones of L.B. Yancey, Sabrina Vereen of Pinkston Street, and Lacresha Henderson of E.M. Rollins; for fourth-grade math, Fe McCoy of Carver, Estelle Mangum of L.B. Yancey, and Natasha Rubin of Zeb Vance; for fifth-grade reading, Tiffany Manning of E.M. Rollins, and Colleen Tyburski of Zeb Vance; for fifth-grade math, Susan Hughes of Dabney; for sixth-grade reading, Adith Williams-White, Henderson Middle; for seventh-grade math, Kevin Johnson of Eaton-Johnson Middle, and Charlie Carroll of STEM Early High; and for eighth-grade math, Jinell Cheek of Henderson Middle. Other teachers honored were five Career and Technical Education teachers, now at Vance County High School who formerly taught at either Southern or Northern Vance high schools. They include Francis Brown, Audrey Brown, Angela Cusaac and Grantham Royal, all of Southern Vance, and Vanesia Harris of Northern Vance. Stanford Wickham, who taught AP Calculus at Southern Vance, and Stephen Deck, who taught AP U.S. History at Southern Vance, also received bonus checks for their students’ academic achievements. Most of these teachers received bonus checks of about $4,000. The third-grade reading teachers received checks of $7,745 each.




The custodial staffs at L.B. Yancey Elementary and AdVance Academy, received certificates and trophies for earning the highest scores in the most recent state building inspections for local elementary and secondary schools, respectively. Other schools whose custodial staffs were honored for completing the inspections as “A” schools were New Hope Elementary, Zeb Vance Elementary, Aycock Elementary and Pinkston Street Elementary.




Dr. Ralphel Holloman, the school system’s safety officer and Francis Brown, instructor at the Vance Fire and Public Safety Academy, presented each of the 15 schools’ cafeteria managers with certificates for successfully completing fire safety training, including proper use of fire extinguishers.