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N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper Visits E.M. Rollins

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N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper announces the Governor's School Supply Drive, above left, and visits a first-grade

classroom at E.M. Rollins Elementary School, above right.



N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper visited E.M. Rollins Elementary School on July 26 to announce the start of the second annual statewide Governor's School Supply Drive and to see the innovations of the school's STEAM Academy.


Cooper met for about 20 minutes at the beginnng of his visit to the school with five E.M. Rollins teachers, including Aqueria Hargrove, Regina Hilliard, Ebony Watkins, Patrick Vincent and Tiffany Manning. Several local educators who are leaders in the Vance County chapter of the N.C. Association of Educators also met with the governor.


Principal Stephanie Alston then led Cooper and other dignitaries on a tour of the school that included visits to five classrooms. In each of the classrooms, the governor spoke to the students and the teachers. His favorite question to ask students was, "How many of you want to grow up to be a teacher?" In every classroom, most of the students raised their hands.


The classrooms visited were the LEGO Robotics room, with Deirdre Baldwin, the teacher, and second graders from Mrs. Hilliard's class; the kindergarten class of Skyler Miles; the first-grade class of Cierra Ellis-Harris, where the students sang a song and danced; the third-grade class of Mieya Petitt; and the fourth-grade class of Lacreasha Henderson.


At the end of his visit, Cooper held a press conference in the school's media center during which he explained that beginning today citizens can make donations to the School Supply Drive by taking their items to any State Employees' Credit Union location in communities across the state. Donated items also will be accepted at any state building in Raleigh. The donations later will be distributed to public schools throughout the state.


Before he left to head back to Raleigh, Cooper made a point of saying that his visit also is part of an effort to call attention to the needs of public schools in rural areas and to call attention to the fact that state officials must actually show their support for public schools and not just talk about it.



Gov. Roy Cooper has his picture made with local educators after 

meeting with them at E.M. Rollins Elementary School.



Gov. Roy Cooper talks with third graders in Mieya Petitt's classroom

at E.M. Rollins Elementary School.