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Hines Serving as a Rethink Education Facilitator for Vance County Schools

September 24, 2021

Hines Serving as a Rethink Education Facilitator for Vance County Schools

Vance County Schools is excited to announce Amber Hines, K-5 Literacy Coordinator, as a participant in the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) initial cohort of educators who will serve as Rethink Education Facilitators. Through collaboration, this cohort's focus will be to improve student academic achievement, strengthen remote and in-person instruction, and reinvent school and community preparedness for new models of blended learning for grades K-8.

NCDPI shared, "Under a $17.6 million grant from the U.S Department of Education, the Department of Public Instruction’s Rethink Education initiative is helping districts across the state prepare for any short- or long-term learning disruptions by developing plans tailored to the specific needs of their school communities. These partnerships are focused on improving blended learning, which combines face-to-face and online instruction, access and content for students in grades K-8. Working across the state, Rethink Education is creating resources for rural and under-resourced communities as well as tools for families to support their children’s learning.”

Hines, as a member of the first cohort of educators participating in the Rethink Education initiative, will join other cohort members which includes teachers, administrators, curriculum coaches, media specialists, district leaders, and other certified staff throughout the state. They will serve as facilitators, preparing teachers across the state to deliver high-quality instruction in a variety of settings and situations. 

“North Carolina must build the capacity and provide resources to meet the needs of our students using blended learning,” says Catherine Truitt, North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction. “This dedicated group of educators will lead the way to ensure that no matter where learning takes place, our students are fully prepared for a globally-competitive job market.”

Vance County Schools remains committed to ensuring our students receive the best education and certain that Hines service as a Rethink Education Facilitator will further that journey!