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VCMS Opens New Vance Virtual Laboratory



The Vance County Middle School Vance Virtual laboratory officially opened on November 9 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by officials from Henderson and Vance County, as well as local educational leaders, school administrators, students and school staff members.


The new laboratory features 24 zSpace digital student learning stations where students can virtually study a wide range of subject matter in science, health, engineering, geography and more. The laboratory is located in the school's media center.


Our teachers and students will be trained on how to effectively use the computers, probes and special software applications to enhance classroom instruction with virtual educational tools. By using special glasses, students and teachers will be able to see images on the learning station screens in three-dimensional forms, adding even more authenticity to their studies. Student ambassadors have already been trained on how to use the new technology. They will lead efforts to train their peers. The student ambassadors and lead faculty members wear white lab coats while working in the Vance Virtual laboratory.


Plans call for students throughout Vance County Middle School to rotate through the Vance Virtual laboratory on a scheduled basis.


The laboratory and its zSpace technology will allow students to virtually dissect animals and insects, study the inner workings of motors and engines and even get a closer, three-dimensional view of the human body. With this cutting-edge technology, students will be able to use technology to learn in ways not possible through a conventional textbook.


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