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Vance Virtual Featured at VCHS



Our school's new Vance Virtual laboratory, featuring 20 interactive digital student learning stations, officially opened on November 9, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.


The laboratory contains zSpace learning stations where students can work indivudally or in pairs to use the computer and its special software applications to study a wide variety of three-dimensional images in subject areas including science, health, geography and engineering.


VCHS teachers and students will be trained to most effectively use the laboratory to enhance classroom instruction. By using three-dimensional glasses and a digital probe, users of the learning stations can virtually dissect almost any type of animal or creature, study the various layers of the Earth's core and learn how to take apart and put back together motor vehicle engines and more.


Students throughout the school and in the STEM Early High School will be able to rotate through the laboratory on a scheduled basis to enjoy a new, high technology way of learning.


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