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Weekly Update 9/26/2021


Good Evening Parents, 
This is Dr. Crosson with our weekly updates. We are encouraging students to R.O.A.R with Pinkston Street Expectations daily by demonstrating that they are Respectful, Organized, Accountable, and Responsible. We are promoting unity by teaching our school pledge: 
"I pledge allegiance to my class and to the principles for which it stands. I can learn anything that I set my mind to. My teachers and classmates will support me. If I do my very best, I will succeed in life. I must try at all times to do those things that make me proud of myself."

I hope that everyone was able to conference with their child's teacher about their progress. Please remember that we must stay connected to ensure success for our students.

Please be reminded that if your child is not feeling well, do not send them to school. Thank you for continuing to inform the school of when your child will be out. We are all in this together. 

That's what's roaring at Pinkston this week. Have an awesome evening.