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Connected message Sunday 8/30/21

Good Evening,
Parents this week students will be taken the Beginning of the year Reading and Math Iready assessments. Reading will be on Wednesday and Math will be on Thursday. This is very important because once your student finishes the Beginning of the year assessments, goals will be set for your students so they are able to make a year of growth this school year.
We need your student to do their part which is to bring their laptop and charger to school, take their assessments seriously, do their best, and not rush.
If your student gets a red flag on the diagnostic then their score is not likely to be an accurate reflection of their skill level. If your student gets a yellow flag then your student may have rushed through the assessment and it is possible your student will show a lower score than their true skill level. Red flags and yellow flags can result in your student retaking the diagnostic.

Please encourage your student to do their best on the tests this week.

Please listen to all messages on Connected for important updates from the district. We may have to begin taking temperatures again when students arrive but more information will be sent out soon.

We are a mask-controlled environment and students must wear their masks properly at school. If a student does not wear the mask properly the parent will be called. We do have mask checks throughout the day to make sure the mask is on properly. The mask is off at lunch for 15 minutes in order for students to eat.

Please remind students, more specifically the sixth-grade students that we do not horseplay around at school.
If there are significant behavior issues, parents will be contacted and any student can be suspended.

On Monday, the students needing a laptop will receive their laptop.

Students can be dropped off at 7:45 in the morning.

There are NO early checkouts after 2:30, so please plan accordingly parents.

Please put a card in your car window for the car rider line, so we can see your student's name. It will make calling names easier and faster.

If you still need a bus route please call the school at 8:00.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!