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Vanceformation Awards Go To 13 VCS Associates

Vance County Schools officials have honored 13 outstanding local educators for going above and beyond their normal duties in supporting students and their colleagues as recipients of this quarter's Vanceformation awards.


Each of these outstanding individuals was honored at the school system's Vanceformation breakfast celebration held during the morning of February 21, at the Golden Corral restaurant in Henderson.


Superintendent Anthony Jackson led the award presentations for each honoree and presented them with their Vanceformation lapel pin. Each honoree was nominated by one or more of their colleagues throughout the school system.


Those honored as Vanceformation award winners included:

  • Tammy Barrow of STEM Early High School - nominated by Melonee Hunter
  • Mary Landis of Zeb Vance Elementary School - nominated by Venessa Lalor
  • Kiara Burwell of Pinkston Street Elementary School - nominated by Dr. Jacqueline Batchelor-Crosson
  • Jacqueline Howard of L.B. Yancey Elementary School - nominated by Dr. Carnetta Thomas
  • Oscar Suarez of Early College High School - nominated by Travis Taylor
  • LaKeitha Kersey of Vance County High School - nominated by Desmond Thompson
  • Yulanda Henderson of Clarke Elementary School - nominated by Connie Krupa and Dr. Jennifer Carraway
  • Casey Jackson of Aycock Elementary School - nominated by Stephanie Black, Natasha Rubin and Kathryn Wilson
  • Dr. Jessica Perry, Director of Accountability, Administrative Services - nominated by Aarika Sandlin
  • Renita Richardson of E.M. Rollins Elementary School - nominated by Alice Marrow-Jones
  • Lue Helen Pugh of Vance County Middle School - nominated by Wanda Pugh
  • Linda Neal of Dabney Elementary School - nominated by Leah Abbott
  • Ondray Ward Evans of E.O. Young Jr. Elementary School - nominated by Marylaura McKoon


barrow       landis       burwell

Tammy Barrow, right         Mary Landis, right                        Kiara Burwell, right


howard       suarez       kersey

Jacqueline Howard, right       Oscar Suarez, right                               LaKeitha Kersey, right


yulanda       jackson       perry

Yulanda Henderson, right      Casey Jackson, right                       Dr. Jessica Perry, right


richardson       pugh       neal

Renita Richardson, right         Lue Helen Pugh, right                  Linda Neal, right



Ondray Ward Evans, right