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Educators Collaborate During Training Sessions

elementary teachers    

In the photo at top left, elementary language arts teachers work online to complete instructional

strategies. In the photo at top right, high school social studies teachers collaborate on instructional planning.




Local educators took advantage of the early release day for students on March 15, to collaborate during training sessions held throughout the district during the afternoon.


Training sessions were held for educators at the elementary, middle and high school levels during the afternoon. The trainings covered all of the core subject areas of English/language arts, social studies, science and mathematics. Training sessions also were held for school support staff members including data managers and bookkeepers.


Sessions were held at:

  • Northern Vance High School for high school English teachers, biology teachers, social studies teachers and Math 1 teachers
  • Aycock Elementary School for social workers and other educators focusing on literacy strategies for English learners
  • Clarke Elementary School for elementary language arts teachers focusing on comprehensive reading instruction
  • Zeb Vance Elementary School for kindergarten teachers focusing on meaningful and manageable kindergarten education
  • Several schools for middle and high school math teachers to collaborate on math foundations
  • The Administrative Services Center for grades 3-5 math teachers focusing on creating common formative assessments