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Northern Vance High School Earns AdvancED Accreditation

Northern Vance High School administrators, staff and students completed two thorough days of examination by a team of educators from the AdvancED accreditation agency and received the prestigious accreditation!

The five-year accreditation was granted after an external review team met with Principal Andrew Markoch and his staff over the two-day review and visited classrooms throughout the school during their review time.

The AdvancED team looked at governance, facilities, academic programs and outlying programs at the school before awarding the accreditation.

They looked closely at teaching and learning impact, leadership capacity and resource utilization.

The team rated Northern Vance highly in equitable learning environment, high expectations environment, supportive learning environment, active learning environment, progress monitoring and feedback environment, well-managed learning environment and digital learning environment.

The team's conclusions for the Index of Education Quality focused on: the impact of teaching and learning on student performance; the capacity of leadership to guide and ensure effectiveness in carrying out the strategic direction of the institution; the use as a tool for formative analysis and continuous improvement; and the connection for the conditions, processes and practices to evidence including student performance.