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Board of Education Approves County Funding Request



The Vance County Board of Education at its regular monthly meeting on April 17, approved a funding request of $10,219,321 for appropriations from Vance County for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.


The request will go on to the Vance County Board of Commissioners for its review, along with other county funding requests, beginning at its May 1 meeting.


The school system’s local funding request includes an increase of $1,021,881 from the current fiscal year. The increased funding request would help the school district continue its positive trend through sustaining operations with continuation funds of $121,523, fully funding the school system’s teacher supplement with an additional $400,359 to help retain and support quality staff and increase the capital outlay funding by $500,000 to support the district’s school safety plan.


If approved, the requested county appropriations funding would maintain existing programs and services based on current per-pupil funding and inflationary factors.


The request for increased teacher supplement funding would boost available revenues which currently fund supplements for only 64 percent of eligible teachers. The school district has been using available fund balance monies to offset the difference each year for the last several years.


The requested increase in capital outlay funds will be used for school safety initiatives that include installing new cameras on all school buses and in school buildings.


The Vance County Board of Commissioners is expected to approve all county funding for the upcoming fiscal year by July 1.