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Raven Burns is New Parent Liaison


Raven Burns


Raven Burns is our school system’s new family and parent liaison advisor working with parents, educators and the community.


She is based in the Family Resource Center in our Administrative Services Center on Graham Avenue in Henderson, but she spends a lot of her time in our schools and networking with community contacts.


In her new position, Burns’ main focus is to support parents of students in our 15 public schools. She provides valuable resources to parents through the school system's Family Resource Center and also serves as a line of communication for parents with school administrators, teachers, additional education professionals and more. Burns can offer resources from the Family Resource Center ranging from academic support for students, information about school programs and services, written and online materials about educational opportunities and even career information for parents.


Burns, shown above in the Family Resource Center, is a parent of children in our schools and wants to use her passion for children and education to assist other parents in making the most of their children’s educational opportunities. She also strives to provide community leaders and agencies with information about available programs and services in our schools.


She can be contacted by telephone at 252-492-2127 or by email at