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Vance County Schools Partners with Perry Memorial Library!

Library Partnership


Vance County Schools Partners with Perry Memorial Library

Vance County Schools and the Perry Memorial Library are partnering to support students' ongoing education. We share the belief that a love of books and learning is a strong foundation for student success and we are working together to provide every Vance County Schools student access to books and resources found at their public library. 

Beginning March 1, 2020, all Vance County Schools students will be able to use their Student ID number to access and borrow public library books and resources. We are calling this initiative StudentAccess. There is additional information available, as well as the opt-out form if you wish for your child to not be included. Follow the hyperlinks below.

We are excited about this opportunity for our students and the access it opens for them to enrich their knowledge.

Additional Information & Opt Out Form in English 

Additional Information and Out Out Form in Spanish