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Dabney Elementary Enhances Literacy through the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Library Grant


Students at Dabney Elementary School have been afforded the opportunity to enhance their reading selections, as their library grew substantially during 2021-2022. With hundreds of new titles, students are renewing their love for reading and finding books that match their interests. This incredible enhancement was made possible through the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. 

Dabney Elementary was one of 205 schools from 43 states across the country to receive a $5,000 grant in Spring 2021. “There are many students who don’t have books at home, so having access to a library at school is essential,” Mrs. Bush said. “With the grants, school libraries across the nation can restock and update their collections providing opportunities for students for years to come.”

“The timing for the funding for our library was perfect”, said Joy Suther, Assistant Principal at Dabney Elementary. “Through the grant, our school added books that match the students’ interests, further engaging them in a love for reading.”  

Principal, Dr. Michael Putney shared, “I am so in awe of finally seeing the faces of happy readers again as they come from the media center with a book in their hands.  Students have gotten accustomed to using laptops and other devices to read, so it is nice to see them with the new books. They are so quick to share the name of the book they have selected. I am appreciative of the effort that our reading intervention teacher, Sherry Frazier, put forth in securing this grant for our students.”

Frazier continues to work with students on improving their comprehension and reading skills. Improving literacy is the key to ensuring students continue to grow and learn in all subject areas. “The library additions have been instrumental in increasing engagement”, shared Frazier. “The books are a mix of fiction, biographies and other nonfiction, which supports content area knowledge. Reading is one of the fastest ways to build vocabulary, which supports comprehension.”

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries supports school libraries with the greatest needs with the goal of encouraging all students to develop a love of reading and learning. Since its inception in 2002, it has awarded more than $16 million to more than 2,800 schools across the country. Vance County Schools is grateful for the difference this grant is making in the lives of our students.