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VCS Announces Educators of the Year

Vance County Schools Honors the 2023 Educators of Excellence

HENDERSON, NC- Vance County Schools honors the 2023 Educators of Excellence: Analiza Maghanoy of EM Rollins STEAM Academy  as Teacher of the Year, Lillian King of Carver Elementary  as Beginning Teacher of the Year, McShell Edmonds of Vance County High  as Assistant Principal of the Year and Dr. Michael Putney, Sr.  of Dabney Elementary as Principal of the Year.

The awards were presented at the district’s annual Excellence in Education banquet held on Thursday, August 10th at the Henderson County Club. The banquet honored teachers, staff and administrators from across the district, representing their respective schools. 

Analiza Maghanoy was named Vance County School’s 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year. Maghanoy earned her Bachelor of Elementary Education from Western Mindanao State University and a Master of Education Studies from the University of Newcastle, Australia. 

"I know many outstanding teachers who give their best efforts to our students every day. I am humbled to be recognized as the Vance County Teacher of the Year, with gratitude to my strong administrators (present and past) for their unwavering support and inspiration to be the best I can to serve the students, parents, and the entire community of Vance County Schools”, said Maghanoy.  

Maghanoy teaches third grade English Language Arts at EM Rollins STEAM Academy.

Lillian King, a 3rd grade teacher at Carver Elementary, was recognized as the 2023-2024  Beginning Teacher of the Year. She  shared, I feel very honored to even be nominated and even more grateful to have been chosen by my district.”

King is a graduate of North Carolina Central University, where she majored in elementary education.

McShell Edmonds is the  VCS 2023-2024 Assistant Principal of the Year and serves as the assistant principal of Vance County High. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University and a Master’s in School Administration from North Carolina State University. 

Edmonds shared, This achievement not only brings me joy but it fuels my motivation to continue pushing to strive for even greater heights. I am committed to using this achievement for continuous growth, learning, and making a meaningful impact on my school community.I am so grateful for the support and guidance I received from fellow educators, the VCHS family, friends, and my family.

Dr. Michael Putney, Sr., who is the principal of Dabney, was recognized as the 2023-2024 Principal of the Year. Putney received his Bachelor's degree from North Carolina Central University, his Master’s in Administration and Supervision from East Carolina University and his Doctorate in Administration and Supervision from North Carolina State University. 

He  said that This is my passion. I do not see this as a job.  I see this as a calling to be able to have an impact on others. To hear positive remarks from former students, staff, and parents fuels me to continue to strive to make a difference for others. This is my third time being named VCS POY and I have felt honored each time.” 

Putney has served as the Principal of Dabney Elementary since 1997.

Superintendent, Dr. Cindy Bennet shared, “Vance County Schools is very fortunate to have dedicated and passionate teachers and leaders who work diligently day in and out to ensure the children in Vance County are receiving the best possible education, learning from innovative programs and experiences, and truly understanding how they can positively impact tomorrow.”

Vance County Schools’ Teacher of the Year, Analiza Maghanoy, and Principal of the Year, Dr. Michael Putney, Sr., will represent Vance County Schools in the regional titles. 

2023-2024 Vance County Schools Teacher of the Year Nominees: 

  • Nino Robles, AdVance Academy

  • Caroline Boyd, Aycock Elementary

  • Debbie McCune, Carver Elementary

  • Cynthia Moore, Clarke Elementary

  • Karin Jennings, Dabney Elementary 

  • Analiza Maghanoy, E.M. Rollins STEAM Academy 

  • Julia Morton, E.O. Young Elementary

  • Jamie Chin, L.B. Yancey Elementary

  • Tina Terry, New Hope Elementary

  • Kevin Johnson, Pinkston St. Elementary

  • Jose Ortiz Covelli, STEM Early High 

  • Vicki-Ann Fullwood-Barrett, Vance County Early College

  • Pamella Wickham, Vance County High 

  • Davia Johnson Wilkins, Vance County Middle

  • Cynthia Nnaemeka, Vance Virtual Village Academy

  • Hannah Whittemore, Zeb Vance Elementary

2023-2024 Vance County Schools Beginning Teacher of the Year Nominees:

  • Matthew Weaver, Aycock Elementary 

  • Lillian King, Carver Elementary 

  • Nicole Clarke, Clarke Elementary 

  • Ty-Mhaj Hart, Dabney Elementary 

  • Rosa Bullock, E.M. Rollins STEAM Academy 

  • Marcia Cobbs, E.O. Young Elementary 

  • Loletta Davidson, L.B. Yancey Elementary

  • Twanda Peace, Pinkston St. Elementary 

  • Quentillia Crutchfield, STEM Early High School

  • Karen Suarez, Vance County High 

  • Damian Davis, Vance County Middle School

  • Whitney Brodie, Zeb Vance Elementary

2023-2024  Vance County Schools Assistant Principal of the Year Nominees: 

  • Dr. C'monee Wilkins, Clarke Elementary

  • Facetia Branch, Dabney Elementary

  • Desmond Thompson, Vance County Middle 

  • Angela Cusaac, Vance County High 

  • McShell Edmonds, Vance County High 

2023-2024 Vance County Schools Principal of the Year Nominees:

  • Dr. Carnetta Thomas, E.M. Rollins STEAM Academy

  • Dr. Michael Putney, Sr., Dabney Elementary

  • Dr. Shannon Bullock, L.B. Yancey Elementary

  • Dr. Stephanie Ayscue, Vance County Middle School

  • Dr. Jessica Perry, Vance Virtual Village Academy