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Kerr Lake Site of Special Events

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Approximately 475 fifth-grade students from our 10 elementary schools again enjoyed their participation in the two-day "Environmental Field Days" event at Satterwhite Point on Kerr Lake October 25 and 26.
Students have been taking part in the events at Kerr Lake for several years.
The students and their teachers traveled on yellow school buses to Kerr Lake to visit six different stations over an approximately two-hour time period for each school group. Five elementary schools participated in the event on the first day and the remaining five schools participated on the second day.
The stations were led by representatives of the Vance County Soil and Water Conservation District, Vance County Cooperative Extension Service, N.C. State Park Rangers and N.C. Wildlife Officers. The stations included information on soil erosion, pollution issues, local wildlife, local vegetation and the importance of Kerr Lake to our area. Students even got to touch live snakes.
Satterwhite Point on Kerr Lake provided a beautiful setting for the two-day events. Students and teachers enjoyed spending time in the sun and cool, fall air and seeing the calm lake waters surrounding the point.
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