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Westbrook Kisses Pig after Students Reach Reading Goal

pig       pig

David Westbrook, right in the above photos, leans in and then quickly moves away after kissing

Wilbur the pig. Wilbur is being held by his owner, Clarence Jones.



At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, Principal David Westbrook agreed that he would kiss a pig in front of all of the Carver Elementary School students and staff members if the students read at least 5,000 books during the school year.


The students surpassed their 5,000 book goal and on June 3, Mr. Westbrook kissed a three-week-old pig, he named Wilbur, in front of the everyone in the school's multipurpose room.


The event was a fun celebration to an outstanding achievement by the students.


Clarence Jones, a farmer in Warren County, brought Wilbur from his farm to the school. Mr. Jones himself at one time was an educator at the old Vance Senior High School and then at Warren County High School.


Mr. Westbrook hesitated at least a couple of times before he leaned in to kiss Wilbur on the head as Mr. Jones held him in his arms. All of the students and staff members roared with laughter. 


It was just another example of what a principal will agree to do for their students!